Getting Started

Table of Contents

Creating an Account

To create an account you can simply sign in with Google here or you can click Sign In from the browser extension.

Installing the Browser Extension

The Bookmark Manager browser extension gives you the best experience by making it super easy to add new bookmarks and accessing your existing bookmarks right from the browser's address bar.

Browser Extensions

Installing the App on a Mobile Device

You can install the Bookmark Manager mobile app on your Android or iOS device. It allows you to access your bookmarks on the go and provides some useful features like sharing new links from other apps like WhatsApp.

  1. Open the current page (or any other page on in your mobile browser.
  2. Some browsers will show a prompt to install the app. If not, you can click Install App (or similar) from the browser's menu.

Installing the App on Your Desktop

You can install the Bookmark Manager web app on your desktop computer.

  1. Open the current page (or any other page on in your browser.
  2. Some browsers (e.g. Chrome and Edge) show a download icon in the address bar. Screenshot of a search from the browser's address bar If not, you can usually install it from the browser's menu by clicking Install
    Note: The exact wording and location of the install button may vary depending on the browser and its version.
    In Chrome you can find it under "Menu > Save and share".
    In Edge you can find it under "Menu > Apps".
  3. After you installed the app, you can find it in your start menu or on your desktop. You can also pin it to your taskbar or start menu for easy access.